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Papa Pear Saga : Level 637 - Tips

To beat the level 637 of Papa Pear Saga we've compiled a small list of general tips that should help you along the way. While some tips are more useful than others, it's always good to be reminded of the basics.

#01 Each level has more than one objective. Game objectives range from removing acorns, radishes, carrots, and other fruits and vegetables to scoring points and lighting up buckets by shooting pears into them.

#02 Failing a level means losing a life, but waiting out 30 extra minutes means you'll regain a life. You could always buy a n extra live with some Gold Bars.

#03 You can request additional lives from your Facebook friends. Make sure you add as many friends as you can, to get more lives.

#04 Papa Pear Saga allows players to use five different powerup's that could mean the difference between winning and failing horribly.

#05 If you're challenged to put a pear in every bucket as well as reach a certain high score, concentrate on getting the high score first.

#06 If you want to get a higher score in Papa Pear Saga, the first thing you need to do is try and rack up as many peg hits as you can before your pears hit the buckets.

#07 Always try to keep your pear bouncing around the screen for as long as possible.

#08 In levels where you will have to score 'X' number of points and light up all five buckets, try to complete the first objective first. Aim and shoot at a group of pegs to get more points.

#09 You can shoot multiple pears (up to three pears) into buckets if you want to destroy pegs quickly and score more points.

#10 When lighting up buckets, clear the corner ones first, then aim at the middle bucket. You can easily shoot pears at buckets beside the middle one.

#11 Destroy fruits and vegetables (pegs) of the same type to earn a special multiplier peg. Multiplier pegs double your points for each bounce.

#12 Bouncing pears off objects, fruits, and vegetables earns you additional points. The more bounces, the more points and stars you will earn.

#13 Shoot directly into a bucket to light it up and earn 1000 points. To earn 500 points, make sure your pear hits the ceiling after bouncing off an object in the game board.

#14 Completing objectives will trigger a 'Pear Fever' bonus mode. In this mode, the remaining pears will be released from the shooter pot. This will help you score more points and earn stars.

#15 You will find a pear shooter at the top of the screen. Move the mouse cursor to aim and shoot pear-shaped balls at fruits and vegetables to remove them. Score points while you destroy pegs.

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